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2015 OHMC Division Day & Spring Outing

The Ohio Huskie Muskie Club hosted our 2015 annual Division Day and Spring Outing from Friday, June 5th through Sunday June 7th, at Alum Creek Reservoir.  Festivities kicked off on Thursday with a boat axle replacement for Past President Fred Lederer.  His weekend would get better!  On Friday Morning, Members of the Outdoor Writers of Ohio, The Ohio Division of Wildlife, and the OHMC, all met at the Boat ramp for a day of Muskie fishing.  Soon, an error on my part by having brought the wrong supply tote, created an opportunity for the strength of our Board of Trustees to be displayed.  Everyone came together to get a list of needed items, and Trustee Stephanie Neville stepped up to get us re-stocked in time for lunch.  As I have indicated in the past, our club is truly blessed to have such a great group of trustees.  Thank you all.

With the glitches behind us, we hit the water and the nets started getting wet immediately.  We had four guests boat their very first muskie, including one tagged fish from the emigration study.  During Division Day, we had 11 OHMC members serve as guides for 9 Division of Wildlife personnel and 3 writers.  There were a total of 9 fish caught by 9 different guests.  After the fishing concluded, we all enjoyed a grilled lunch and a mutual Thank you from each group.  Our winner this year was Dan Kovalaske, the Castaila Fish Hatchery Coordinator.  Dan caught his first muskie, which was a 42” fish, while being guided by club member Phil Cummings.  Congratulations gentlemen!

The weather for all three days was just dandy as we enjoyed our first rain-free Spring Outing in many years.  The air temperatures ranged from 55 to 80 degrees with a mix of clouds to sunny skies.  Our Spring Outing event was conducted simultaneously with a Muskies Inc. Chapter 41 event and both groups enjoyed the atmosphere of cooperation.  With a medical emergency by a club member on the water, many persons came together and got him transported to the hospital where he was treated and released the same day.  Thanks to everyone that helped, it’s nice to know that our membership will drop everything to help a friend in need.

Our clubs had a joint shore lunch together which was catered by a local Boy Scout troop and they did a fantastic job!  We had burgers, brats, corn, cookies, brownies, and many other tasty treats.  Later, in the evening, we had our steak fry and once again, Jerry Rice did a fantastic job cooking all of our steaks.  We enjoyed 16 oz ribeyes and some of the best coleslaw I have had in a long time (Thanks Holly)!  Tim smith cooked us fresh corn-on-the-cob and some members that traveled from more than 4 hours away, took time to bring us side dishes.  Thank you to everyone that contributed to a wonderful meal.  We conducted our traditional raffle prize drawings afterwards and our winners were as follows:  Seth Ferrel won the Rod and Reel, Rick Simpson won the Lure Board, and Doug Miller won the 50/50.

We had 45 persons sign up and had 22 fish of 30” or greater turned in.  We also had many sub-30” fish caught and at least 3 of those fish were successfully scanned with PIT tag readers.   When the results were in, they showed that Fred Lederer had put on a clinic.  He boated 4 fish to take 1st place.  Lou Spezio won 2nd place and the big fish side pot.  Congratulations to our winners, they will receive their trophies at our annual awards banquet next March.

All fish caught are as follows:  Fred Lederer (32.50”, 34.25”, 34.50”, 36.00”)(33.25 Points); Lou Spezio (41.00”, 43.00”)(32.00 Points); Elmer Heyob (38.75”, 40.00”)(26.75 Points); Anna Land (30.00”, 33.50”, 38.00”)(23.50 Points); Bronson Gundlach (35.00”,38.00”)(21.00 Points); John Ringenbach (39.00”)(13.00 Points); Rick Simpson (31.50”, 32.00”)(11.50 Points); Cliff Honeycutt (35”)(9.00 Points); Jack Moga (34.75”)(8.75 Points); Holly Neville (34.00”)(8.00 Points); Tom Watson (34.00”)(8.00 Points); Jeff Ziol (32.00”)(6.00 Points); William Neville (31.00”)(5.00 Points)

Thank you to everyone that came and I hope to see you all next month at Piedmont.

Dan Kovalaske

Fred Lederer

Lou Spezio



Jack, Holly, and William Neville

Kevin Kayle

Dean Silverthorn

John Ringenbach

Mike Greenlee

Jill Connor

Paul Anderson

Tim Parker

John Ringenbach

Jack Moga

Jerry Rice

Tim Parret

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Two outings with steak fry’s per year, a night bite contest (night fishing tournament), and a banquet every March, along with the Annual Open Contest held in mid July. Also, don’t forget to stop by our booth at the Annual Ohio Muskie Show.

You have the opportunity to exchange muskie information with fellow anglers, and to meet new fiends who share your interest. The opportunity to exchange ideas theories, tackle, techniques and to gain knowledge about different lakes around the state. Spending time with others who share your enthusiasm for muskie fishing, camping, conservation, and spending time with our families in the great outdoors.

Through trophies, plaques and annual certificates for outstanding catches and achievements. Anglers who report their catches during the season, and qualify for an award, will receive their plaques at the next annual March Awards Banquet. Those not attending the banquet will receive their award by mail. Any trophies earned at our events will also be awarded at the banquet. All certificates can now be printed directly from the (MAL) when the fish is reported.

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To complete your Free Membership request, you must submit a Membership Application directly to the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, Inc. Once it has been confirmed that your catch has been reported within the Muskie Angler Log, we will mail you your free membership ID card with your member number, and some information on the club. When you receive your unique member ID number, go back to the Muskie Angler Log site, edit your profile and add in the member ID number to your profile. Also make sure you select the switch for “member of OHMC”. It takes a little bit of work on your part, but now you have fully registered with the ODNR’s Muskie Angler Log and OHMC. Remember all of our annual awards are taken directly from the M.A.L. at the end of the year. If you need any assistance, first see if one of your fellow muskie anglers who have already registered can help you. If not give one of the Trustees a call and we will be glad to walk you through the process, step by step. A FREE membership is considered Honorary if your catch is under 42″ and then changed to Regular status after you catch a 42″ or larger muskie in Ohio. You membership is automatically established as Regular if your first catch is 42″ or larger. Upon catching your FIRST MUSKIE 42″ OR LARGER, regardless if it is your first muskie caught in Ohio, you will receive (1) one free dinner at the awards banquet. Note: this is a one time offer to get a free meal at the awards banquet.

Please understand that a free membership into the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club is for the remainder of the calendar year, starting upon submission of your catch data on the M.A.L. (free memberships expire on December 31 of the current calendar year). If you wish to continue to receive Club benefits and Club mailings, you must renew your membership thereafter. Annual dues are $15.00 per person or $25.00 for a family membership a year. Family membership is considered husband/wife and all children under 16 years of age, and must be paid for. Free memberships are for an individual, not a family. Normal dues renewal may be paid anytime after January first. A renewal form will be sent with the February newsletter along with you awards banquet reservation form for convenience, and as a reminder. Yours renewal dues MUST be paid prior to the first fishing event, The Spring Outing to be fully eligible for your annual awards. If you pay after the first fishing event, you will only be eligible for event trophies and not the annual awards such as the prestigious “Pooch” Curry award.

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A Regular Membership fee is $15.00 a year.
A Regular Family Membership fee is $25.00 a year.
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