56th ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET  April 1st, 2017

The 56th Ohio Huskie Muskie Club Annual Awards Banquet was held on April 1, 2017, at McCalls Banquet Center in Canton, Ohio.  The attendance held steady relative to recent years and all those in attendance were treated to good food, friends, and laughter.  A total of 115 OHMC members and guests along with 5 vendors were in attendance.  Every person in attendance received a door prize consisting of one of three custom painted baits created by Greg Them of Xtreme Muskie Lures.

During the business meeting, members voted on the lake nominations for our 48th  Annual Open Summer Contest in 2018.  The winner was Piedmont, with the event to be tentatively held on July 14th and 15th pending park approval.  Elections for officer positions were held during the business meeting.  The OHMC officers for 2015 are as follows; Paul Anderson, President; Jeff Ferjutz, 1st Vice-President; Rick Simpson, 2nd Vice-President; Stephanie Neville, Secretary; John Ringenbach, Treasurer.

Before the banquet meal started there was a pause for a moment of silence for all the club members who had passed last year and for those individuals that are in the military and may be away from their families.  Next, we took a moment for a blessing of the meal by club member Mary Jill Brown.  The food was very good with a buffet that included Baked Chicken, Sausage and Peppers, McCalls Signature Potatoes, Green Beans, Rigatoni, a Garden Salad, Rolls, and Cake.  We all had a great time and lots of fun with the fish stories that were being told.

ODNR attendees were: Curt Wagner, Fisheries Biologist, District 3 (Akron); Rich Zweifel, Acting Inland Fisheries Program Administrator; Phil Hillman, Fish Management Supervisor, District 3 (Akron); Mike Greenlee, Fish Management Supervisor, District 4 (Athens); Debra Walters, Fish Management Supervisor, District 5 (Xenia); Ed Lewis, Fisheries Biologist, District 2 (Findlay); Kevin Page, Fisheries Biologist, Inland Fisheries Research Unit (Hebron); Rich Carter, Executive Administrator Fish Management and Research Group; and Scott Hale, Assistant Chief, Central Office.

Special thanks go out to all the vendors that set up a booth at the banquet this year, and also all of the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club supporters who donated to the club.  Please patronize these companies as they make our events a success.


Ohio Huskie Muskie Club Inc. Annual Banquet Awards Winners, for club member’s recognition of outstanding catches and achievements in the 2016 season.

Joe Blackwell “Mr Muskie” Award

Tim Smith

Woman of the Year Award

Gloria Roberts

H.E. Pooch Curry Award:

Richard Reeves – 51.50”


July 13, 2016

The Matthew Smith Memorial awards were as follows:

Boys “Released”

Fischer Himes – 37.25”

Girls “Released”

Ashley McCartney – 45.00”

The Royalty Awards:

King “Released”

Richard Reeves – 51.50”

King “Trophy”

Greg Bozick – 51.00”

Queen “Released”

Kathy Mitchell – 51.00”


Dr. Dunmire Plaque Awards:

Patrick Klingensmith (41), Greg Bozick (35), David Baio (30), Kevin LaRoche (22), Chuck Harmon (20), Richard Reeves (19), Ray Elkins (17), Kathy Mitchell (16), Will Tolerton (16), Chad Harmon (15), Dennis Mitchell (14), Bob Marshall (11), George Weber (11), Dennis Braun (8), John Thompson (8), Paul Anderson (7), Sherman Champlin (6), Charlotte Fuchs (6), Nick Smith (6), Jason Basic (5), Bill Brant (5), David Brown (5), Tom Hannen (5), Bob McCloud (5), Sam Ringenbach (5), Mike Sandridge (5), Bill Schultz, Jr. (5), Tim Smith (5), Bob Basic (4), Linda Hannen (4), Lee Himes (4), Tom Morris (4), John Ringenbach (4), John Savu (4), Jeff Heiser (3), Ray Hinchcliff, Sr. (3), Fred Lederer (3), Josh Marshall (3), Ashley McCartney (3), Jerry Rice (3), Rick Simpson (3)

10 or More Release Awards:

Pat Klingensmith (275), Greg Bozick (150), David Baio (99), Kevin LaRoche (86), Bob Basic (73), Bob Marshall (71), Will Tolerton (66), Chad Harmon (62), Bill Shultz, Jr (61), Chuck Harmon (58), Jason Basic (52), Richard Reeves (52), Ray Elkins (51), Sam Reichenbach (46), George Weber (43), Dennis Mitchell (39), Kathy Mitchell (38), Tim Ritter (34),Beau Chumley (29), Charlotte Fuchs (27), Tom Morris (27), Chuck McKnight (25), Josh Marshall (24), Sherman Champlin (23), John Thompson (23), Dennis Braun (22), Lee Himes (19), Tom Johnson (19), Nick Smith (19), Paul Anderson (18), Jim Cook (18), Tom Hannen (17), John Ringenbach (17), Mike Sandridge (17), Tim Smith (17), Bill Brant (16), Linda Hannen (15), Ray Hinchcliff, Sr. (15), Philip Jarvis (14), Fred Lederer (14), David Brown (13), Tony Crisp (13), Chuck Land, Sr. (13), Elmer Heyob (12), Ashley McCartney (12), Jeff Heiser (11), Bob McCloud (11), John Savu (10), Rick Simpson (10)

The banquet is now history and it is now time to start some actual muskie fishing, Thank you to everyone that attended and to all of those people that helped make the event a great success.