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Summer Contest Results

What a fun weekend for the Summer Contest at West Branch.  Saturday was a calm nice summer day with a few weekend boaters to increase the  drama.  Sunday kept them away with fairly steady rain from 9 am until closing a 2 pm.  We had 45 anglers sign up to fish the event, with a total of 28 fish caught.   Leading the way with 8 fish, and winning not only the event but the Big Fish pool was Chase Gibson.  This was Chase’s first time fishing one of Ohio’s program lakes, and he was very impressed with the quality and size of the muskie.   He hopes West Virginia DNR can take a page from the Ohio book.  Chase caught his fish casting and jigging deeper waters.  Second place was captured by Neil Butara with 4 fish.  Unlike Chase, Neil was able to find his fish shallow, fishing weed beds.  Congratulations to Chase and Neil for their success over the weekend.  Here is a list of the fish reported and some pictures:

Chase Gibson 37″, 41″, 31.75″, 40.5″, 40″, 38.75″, 36.75″, 43.25″.

Neil Butara 36″, 38″, 41′, 40″

Bob Basic  43″ and 38″

Adam Boneham  37″

Phil Ringenbach  41.75″

Chris Daniels 42″

Chad Harmon 36″

Rick Thorp 37″

Tim Smith 38″

Brian Luttmer 38″ and 32.5″

Graham Hardesty  32″ and 33″

Brad Clement  42.5″

John Ringenbach  35″

Tim Grant  31″ and 36″


2021 Banquet is in the Books

OHMC’s 60th Anniversary Banquet took place on June 12th at the SYB Party Center.  The date was moved to allow for COVID, but 57 people participated in the celebration.  We were fortunate to have 4 representatives from the ODNR join us for the event.

  • Curt Wagner, District Three Fish Management Supervisor
  • Kevin Page, Fisheries Biologist, Inland Fisheries Research Unit
  • Scott Hale, Executive Administrator of Fish Management & Research
  • Kevin Kayle, Fish Hatchery Program Administrator.

Also are newly elected slate of officers and trustees were recognized:

  • OHMC Officers
  • President – Jeff Ferjutz
  • 1st Vice President – Chad Harmon
  • 2nd Vice President – Rich Daniels
  • Secretary – Ken Proffitt
  • Treasurer – John Ringenbach



  • Trustees
  • Paul Anderson Past President
  • Fred Lederer Past President
  • Phillip Jarvis
  • Kyle Jones
  • Mike Reed
  • Phil Ringenbach
  • Tim Smith
  • David White


  • Social Media
  • Maggie Butara

We also presented and honored the winners of our Awards for 2020




Joe Blackwell “Mr. Muskie” Award 2020

Jerry Rice

June 12th, 2021


Woman of the Year Award 2020

Maggie Butara

June 12th, 2021


Matthew Smith Memorial Award for Juniors


Noah Visger


Piedmont Lake, June 17th, 2020



Lucy Marshall


Leesville Lake, June 16th, 2020




Fifty Inch Award

Sharon Potvin


Piedmont Lake, May 27th, 2020



  1. E. “Pooch” Curry Award 2020

Chuck Harmon


West Branch, Dec. 23rd, 2020

Patrick Klingensmith


Milton Lake, August 6th, 2020



Queen Release 2020

Sharon Potvin


Piedmont Lake, May 27th, 2020






Ten or More Release Award 2020

Patrick Klingensmith 375
Mike McKenzie 213
David White 127
Will Tolerton 124
Bill Schultz Jr. 122
Bob Marshall 118
Maurice Potvin Jr. 113
Scott Donohew 102
Robert Basic 93
John Thompson 78
Kyle Jones 71
Thomas Morris 60
Sam Reichenbach 60
Tim Ritter 60
George Weber 60
Phillip Jarvis 54
Mike Wile 54
Michael Adamski 53
Ray Elkins 51
Jim Cook 44
Chuck McKnight 40
Ivan Beachy 32
Jim Mayberry 29
John Ringenbach 29
Josh Marshall 27
David Baio 25
Elmer Heyob 24
Patrick Andino 22






Cooper Marshall 22
Paul Shepherd 22






Tony Crisp 18
Jeff Heiser 18
Dennis Mitchell 18






Sharon Potvin 17
Brock Bohley 15
Sherman Champlin 15
Kathy Mitchell 15
Timothy Smith 14
Neil Butara 12
Chuck Land Sr. 12
Jerry Rice 12
Scott Hale 11
Jim Petrozzi 11
William Lambert 10


Dr. L.G. Dunmire Muskie Award 2020

Patrick Klingensmith 79
Kyle Jones 30
Mike McKenzie 30
Will Tolerton 26
David White 24
John Thompson 23
Bob Marshall 21
Scott Donohew 17
Bill Schultz Jr. 16
Maurice Potvin Jr. 13
David Baio 12
Ray Elkins 12
Phillip Jarvis 11
George Weber 11
Mike Wile 11
Michael Adamski 9
Robert Basic 9
John Ringenbach 8
Jason Basic 7
Ivan Beachy 7
Jim Cook 7
Rick Simpson 7
Dave Flood 6
Chad Harmon 6
Dennis Mitchell 6
Tony Crisp 5
Chuck Harmon 5
Elmer Heyob 5
Josh Marshall 5
Chuck McKnight 5
Kathy Mitchell 5
Paul Shepherd 5
Chuck Land Sr. 4
Brock Bohley 3
Jeff Heiser 3
Thomas Morris 3
Jim Petrozzi 3
Sharon Potvin 3
John Proch 3
Tim Ritter 3
Timothy Smith 3





2020 Event Awards


June 13th, 2020

Leesville Lake

1st Place – Rick Simpson

46” Muskie


50th Annual Summer Contest

July 11th & 12th, 2020

Piedmont Lake

1st Place – Scott Donohew

12 Muskies

111 Points

2nd Place – Rick Simpson

4 Muskies

44.5 Points


8th Annual Minnow Fund Outing

September 26th & 27th, 2020

West Branch

1st Place – Jeff Belcher

3 Muskies

29.75 Points

2nd Place – John Proch

2 Muskies

21.0 Points



Muskie Munch

October 24th, 2020

Piedmont Lake

1st Place – David Cross

37.5” Muskie


2020 Overall Tournament Champion

Scott Donohew

12 Muskies

Finally, here are some pictures of the award winners:






OHMC Summer Contest at West Branch July 10th and 11th

Our Summer Contest will be at West Branch Saturday July 10th and Sunday , July 11th.   The tournament begins at 7:00 am Saturday and you can fish all the way to Sunday at 2:00 pm.  All fish must be reported by 2:30 pm Sunday at the West launch ramp parking lot.  First and second place will receive trophies at our banquet in 2022.  Scoring will be based on points with each fish 30” or greater getting 4 points for the fish and additional points for every inch over 30 inches.   For example, a 42.5” fish would earn 4 points plus 12.5 points for a total of 16.5 points.  The winner will be the highest total points for the weekend.  Entry fee is $20 with a Big Fish pool of $5.  All fish entered will be based on a honor system, no pictures are required but please take some pictures of your fish for our Instagram and Facebook pages.
You can register on lines at
Also you can register in person at the West launch ramp from 6:00 to 7:00 am on Saturday.

LungeFest results

The weather people said it would be a tough day with rain and thunderstorms, but except for an occasional light rain, Saturday June 19th turned out to be a great day to catch muskies.  We had 35 anglers sign up to fish the LungeFest at Leesville and most saw action in terms of follows, lost fish and catches.  When the day was finished 21 fish hit the nets with 8 being over 40 inches.  Rick Thorp led the way with a 5 fish day.  The winner of the event was David White with a beautiful 45″ fish.  Dave also claimed the big fish pot and graciously donated $60 back to the Minnow Fund.  Here is a list of all the fish caught and a few pictures from the event.

Jerry Rice  31″

John Diez 38″ (caught on a fly)

Scott Donohew 33″

Don Gutshall 43.5″

Jack McAllister  39.75″

Bill Schultz Jr. 38.5″

Matt Litten 38″

Leo Soehnlen 37.25″

Rick Thorp 44″, 39.5″, 40.25″, 42.5″, 42.5″

Dave White 39.5″, 45″

Tim Smith  43.5″, 40.5″

Anna Marie Land 36″

Russ Roberts 35″

Jeff Lucas 34.5″

Jason Basic  36″




Leesville LungeFest Saturday June 19th

June is a busy month for the OHMC.   The Leesville LungeFest will be held on Saturday, June 19th from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.  This is a one-day event where the longest muskie 30 inches or over by length wins the event.  All fish must be turned in no later than 5:30 pm at the launch ramp parking lot.  Registration will be from 6:00 am -7:00 am at the launch ramp south of the dam.  You can also register online at

Entry is $15 with an optional $5 Big Fish pool.

Just a reminder, the Saturday before, June 12th, is our banquet at the SYB Party Center.  Please try to get your reservations in before June 8th.   You can register online at

or you can mail in your reservation using the form on our website at


We look forward to seeing you at the LungeFest and the Banquet.

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