10th Annual Minnow Fund Outing Saturday October 1st at West Branch

The final event of 2022 is our 10th Annual Minnow Fund Outing at West Branch on Saturday, October 1st.     Given that we are in a pre-turnover period, the fish should be feeding heavily to begin bulking up for the winter.  The tournament will run from 7:30 am Saturday and end at 5:30 pm.  Tournament registration is online at


You can also register in person at the West Ramp of West Branch from 7:00 am to 8:00 am on Saturday.  All fish must be turned in to the tournament director by 6:00 pm on Saturday at the West Ramp.

All entry fees will go directly into the Minnow Fund.  We will not be having any raffles, so any donations also would be very much appreciated and would go directly into the Minnow Fund.  Entry fee is $20 with a Big Fish pool of $5 if you chose to participate.  First place will receive a trophy at our banquet in 2023.  The longest fish caught that day will be the winner of the event.   All fish entered will be based on an honor system, no pictures are required but we’d love for you to share your pictures with us to be featured on our social media pages and website!