50th Annual Summer Contest results

The 50th Annual Summer Contest, this year on Piedmont Lake, is now history.  A total of 43 anglers registered for the event with over 30% signing up online and the rest using our new Trustee constructed Registration Station featuring PVC pipes and shower curtains.  Folks were able to concentrate on the fishing since we did not have our usual Friday fish fry or Saturday night steak fry.   A total of 26 fish were caught and successfully released with the largest being two 44” fish, one caught by Scott Donohew and the other by Chad Harmon.  Scott and Chad split the big fish pool.

Scott Donohew was the overall winner with 12 fish caught.   Scott’s key for finding muskies was locating areas where the surface temperature was 81 degrees or cooler.  Turns out the muskies know where the cooler water is on the lake.  Second place was Rick Simpson with 4 fish.  Rick is proving to be quite the tournament angler placing second here and winning our Lunge Fest event at Leesville last month.  Rick and Tim Smith also placed 12th in the recent PMTT event in Wisconsin.

We also had our Grand Prize drawing at the event.  If you remember, the Grand Prize includes a custom rod from Excalibur Rodworks, Shimano Calcutta 400 B reel spooled with Power Pro, a tackle box from Muskie Train full of baits , a Yeti cooler donated by InCom Supply , a bump board from MuskieBumper, and a one week stay at a beautiful cottage on Leesville Lake donated by North Fork Marina.   The winner was Forest P. from the Dayton, Ohio area.

Thanks to all for supporting the event and the club.  Here is a complete list of the fish caught:


Scott Donohew       36”,38”,44”,38.5”,39.5”,32.5”,34”,33”,30”,33.5”, 31” and 33”

Rick Simpson           36”,41.5”, 31” and 40”

Chad Harmon          39.5” and 44”

Fred Lederer            35.25”

Jeff Clark                   36”

Matt Clark                 37”

Phil Ringenbach        30.5”

Linda Zonker              30”, 35” and 37”

Jerry Rice                     38”


Our next event will be the 8th Annual Minnow Fund outing on West Branch September 26th and 27th.