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Ohio Huskie Muskie Club

Seeing an opportunity to expand on the then sparce muskellunge  fishery in Ohio, The Ohio Division of Wildlife first attempted to propagate muskie in 1948. Native brood fish were live trapped from Ohio streams and placed in hatchery ponds at Kincaid Fish Farm, in hopes that natural reproduction would occur. Because of poor success with this project, in 1953 the Ohio Division of Wildlife started an artificial propagation program. Over the next few years with the increased catch of muskellunge from Ohio waters, interest among fishermen grew and the Ohio Division Of Wildlife needed to obtain information on the muskellunge catch and harvest. So in 1961. Merrille C. Gilfillan and John Z. Pelton formed an organization aptly named The Ohio Huskie Muskie Club to officially record all the muskies caught each year. The club has proven to be an excellent vehicle for obtaining statewide information, which is valuable in evaluating fish management activities, and planning for the future of muskie fishing in Ohio.

Over the years OHMC grew and grew with the success in holding club outings and tournaments throughout the state of Ohio. Angler catch rates grew with the success of the stocking program and the return of angler information back to the Division. The size of caught muskies also grew largely due to or commitment to return muskies back to the lake. Current return rates average around 99.6% release.!

In 1994 the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, incorporated to a 501 C3 non- profit organization. Slightly changing our name to The Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, Inc. A sport fishing club dedicated to promoting better muskie fishing in the state of Ohio, by providing the Division of Wildlife with biological information on catch and harvest through out the state. By educating and promoting current and future anglers on Muskie fishing through out the state.

The Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, Inc. is you, your family, neighbors and any other avid muskie angler.

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