Minnow Fund Outing Results

Well Mother Nature can always make things interesting.  Fishing in some wind can help concentrate the bait fish and the muskies.  Fishing in  a lot of wind can make staying on those muskies very challenging.  A total of 29 anglers proved to be up to the task as they caught 17 muskies during the 10 and one half hours of the Minnow Fund outing on West Branch.  Winning the event with a 46″ heavy bodied muskie was Drew Bennett who also caught a 40″ and 38″.   Close behind was David Simmons who caught a beautiful 44.25″ .  David along with John Proch who caught a 40.25″ and a 41.25″ challenged Mother Nature more than the rest of us by fishing from their kayaks.

We would like to thank all who attended the outing for their contributions to the Minnow Fund thru their entry fees but also for the many additional donations to the fund.


Here are the additional anglers who put muskie in the net under tough conditions:


Phil Cummings 39″

Chuck Land Jr. 43″

Joseph Zargari 35″ and 38″

Mike Sandridge 35″ and 40″

Fred Lederer 39″ and 34.5″

Kris Bennett 40″

Russ Roberts 38″

Chris Alfrano 34″



David Simmons with a solid 44.25″

10th Annual Minnow Fund Outing Saturday October 1st at West Branch

The final event of 2022 is our 10th Annual Minnow Fund Outing at West Branch on Saturday, October 1st.     Given that we are in a pre-turnover period, the fish should be feeding heavily to begin bulking up for the winter.  The tournament will run from 7:30 am Saturday and end at 5:30 pm.  Tournament registration is online at


You can also register in person at the West Ramp of West Branch from 7:00 am to 8:00 am on Saturday.  All fish must be turned in to the tournament director by 6:00 pm on Saturday at the West Ramp.

All entry fees will go directly into the Minnow Fund.  We will not be having any raffles, so any donations also would be very much appreciated and would go directly into the Minnow Fund.  Entry fee is $20 with a Big Fish pool of $5 if you chose to participate.  First place will receive a trophy at our banquet in 2023.  The longest fish caught that day will be the winner of the event.   All fish entered will be based on an honor system, no pictures are required but we’d love for you to share your pictures with us to be featured on our social media pages and website!

Summer Contest Results and 2022 Grand Prize Winner

A total of 28 anglers ventured to Pymatuning Lake for our Summer contest event.  Saturday was one windy day with gusts to knock your socks off.   Sunday was a more typical summer day.  Fishing was tough but 7 anglers put fish in the boat lead by Chuck Land.  Winning  the tournament  with 4 fish, Chuck netted a 48.25″ beast as well as a pair of 41″ fish and a 38″.  In second place with a beast of his own, Frank Smith landed a 48″ Huskie.  Also catching fish were

Tom Morris 30″, Rick Mayor 40″, Diane Daniels 39″, Bob Basic 36″ and Jack McAllister 32″.


The Summer contest is also the time we draw the winner of our Grand Prize Raffle.  Shelley Leglise is the winner of a one week stay at the North Fork Studio Cabin at Leesville, a Excalibur Rod Works custom rod, a Shimano Tranx 300 reel,  a Muskie Bumper measuring board and a Muskie Train tackle box with lots of baits.  Congratulations Shelley and thank you for all who supported the raffle through their donations and for all who took a chance to be the winner.

Our final event of the year will be the 10th Annual Minnow Fund Event, Saturday Oct 1st at West branch.


Here are some pictures from the weekend


52nd Annual Summer Contest at Pymatuning lake July 9th and 10th

Our 52nd Annual Summer Contest will be at Pymatuning lake Saturday July 9th and Sunday , July 10th.   The tournament begins at 7:00 am Saturday and you can fish all the way to Sunday at 2:00 pm.  All fish must be reported by 2:30 pm Sunday at the Duck N Drake (7038 Pymatuning Lake Rd, Andover, OH).  First and second place will receive trophies at our banquet in 2023.  Scoring will be based on points with each fish 30” or greater getting 4 points for the fish and additional points for every inch over 30 inches.   For example, a 42.5” fish would earn 4 points plus 12.5 points for a total of 16.5 points.  The winner will be the highest total points for the weekend.  Entry fee is $20 with a Big Fish pool of $5.  All fish entered will be based on a honor system, no pictures are required but please take some pictures of your fish for our Instagram and Facebook pages.
You can register on lines at
Also you can register in person at the Duck N Drake from 6:00 to 7:00 am on Saturday.

LungeFest 2022 Results

What a great day to be on the water chasing muskies.   A total of 14 muskies were caught by 9 of the 39 anglers hoping to land a giant.  The muskies were elusive at times, some still beat up by the spawn, and maybe even a few still to spawn which is crazy for this time of year.   Fish were caught super shallow and very deep.  Jabez Burford won the event with a 43.5″ muskie, just edging out Diane Lippart who caught a 42.5″ beast.  Jabez also caught 4 additional muskies of 35″, 36″, 38″ and 41.5″.  Dave White continued his string of catching a muskie in each of our events so far in 2022 by landing a 40″ muskie.  Phil Ringenbach just missed the 40″ mark by catching a 39.75″ fish and also lost a real nice one at the boat.  Others catching fish were  Bob Basic 36″, Michael Kinney 35″, Dave Archer 33″, and Jerry Rice 33.75″.  Derek Halas continued his good streak of tournament fishing by catching a 30″ and 32″ fishing out of his lucky kayak.


Here are pictures of David’s 40″ fish and Jabez’s winning 43.5″ muskie



Our next event will be our Summer Contest at Pymatuning on July 9th and 10th.

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