2016 OHMC Banquet


March 19th, 2016

2016 Banquet Reservation Form.

It is time for our Fifty-Fifth Annual Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, Inc. business meeting and annual awards banquet.  We have the same location again this year with the festivities being held at the McCalls Banquet Center.  The address is 130 Faircrest St. SW, Canton, OH 44706 (www.mccallsrb.com).  Directions: From I-77 take exit 103.  Proceed South on SR-800 (Cleveland Ave SW) (1.8 Mi.); Turn Right onto Faircrest St. SW (0.1 Mi.) Mccalls in on the left hand side (South).

Last year several club members indicated that they were very satisfied with the restaurant and they indicated that the food was delicious.  We remained here this year in an attempt to maintain the high quality of our meal and facilities.  The banquet in a nice large facility is near the geographic center of our membership.  Holding our banquet in the Akron-Canton area the last three years has resulted in a significant increase in attendance, and we hope that trend continues this year.  If you haven’t previously attended, or have not attended for a while, please come out and join the fun.

The annual business meeting will be held from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM in the ballroom, followed by a one hour social time.  All members are urged to attend.  During the business meeting, you will be electing new officers and choosing your 2017 summer contest lake.  We will also be considering many other issues.  You must be a paid up member to vote in the meeting.

The banquet opening will start at 6:00 PM followed by our dinner and award presentations.  The banquet meal will be $30 per person for adults and $15 for age 15 and under.  The meal will be a buffet featuring Baked Chicken, Sausage and Peppers, McCalls Signature Potatoes, Green Beens, Rigatoni, Garden Salad, Bread & Butter, Sherbert, and Coffee or Tea or Soda.

Please make your check or money order for the banquet meal and/or membership dues payable to “Ohio Huskie Muskie Club” or “OHMC” and mail to: OHMC; 111 Anderson Lane; Bloomingdale, OH 43910.

Registrations for the dinner and seating will be held in the hall at the entrance to the ball room.  During registration all guests will receive a muskie bait as a door prize.  You will also arrange your seat designation during registration.  Seating assignments will be first come – first served.  We are concerned that you be able to sit with the party that you came with and will make every effort to accommodate you with the limited seating.

Banquet reservations must be received by March 9th as we need to notify the facility of our exact number by March 11th.  DO NOT WAIT to send in your reservation for this annual celebration.  We cannot accept registrations received later, so please don’t ask.  Mail your registration early!

As usual we will have a 50/50 drawing, and merchandise raffles.  Be sure to get your tickets at our registration table.  As we did last year, we will also have fishing related games for your entertainment.

Vendor and swap meet tables will be set up for your convenience near the registration area.  Also, please bring your favorite Muskie photo to display on our memory-lane board.  You should gather your own photos at the end of the event to be returned to your collection.

Annual catch data from the MAL program will be available at the banquet for your review.  Remember to suggest the MAL to anyone that you encounter that either targets muskies or has an incidental catch.  This data is crucial to the ODNR for tracking growth rates at each stocked lake.

Finally, the OHMC will be conducting our 19th Swap Meet for you to participate in.  The “Tackle Lure, Swap, Buy Meet” will be held at the same time that vendors are displaying their tackle.  The time for the “Swap Meet” set-up is 12:00 PM and will last until 5:30 PM.  We have a limited amount of tables that will be available for this event.  If you have any old tackle, lures, or any other fishing items that you would like to trade, sell, or give away, please include a note when you return your registration.  We look forward to seeing you.

2016 Banquet Reservation Form.

2016 OHMC Event Dates

March 19th, Annual Banquet, McCalls, Canton, OH

May 14th-15th, Minnow Fund Muskie Outing, West Branch

May 14th Division Day, West Branch

July 9th-10th, Summer Contest, West Branch

August 20th, Joint PM Bite w/ M.I. Chapter 19, Leesville

September 24th-25th, Fall Outing, Piedmont

OHMC Fall Outing Results

The 2015 OHMC Fall Outing was held on September 26th and 27th at Piedmont Lake. With the Super-Blood moon approaching, and the stable overcast weather, it had all the anglers excited as we began to gather on Friday evening. It is always a great time when our club assembles for an outing and as usual, there was laughter, stories, and smiles both early and often. The weather was ideal as we enjoyed moderate daytime temperatures near 68 degrees and cool evenings suitable for enjoying a nice campfire. The water temperatures were fairly steady at near 71 degrees and there was no rain during the event.

Registration was held on Saturday morning from 6:30 until 8:00 and the fish began to fill our nets soon thereafter. Some anglers had success trolling while yet others were able to get slimed with a casting technique. There was a feeling of inevitability about the bite, as almost everyone seemed even more optimistic than usual. As the day progressed, it was evident that the optimistic outlook was not out of line. Around 6:00 PM, most participants began showing up at the marina area in anticipation of the now famous steaks that our club enjoys during the events.

The owner of Cross Bone Baits, Jerry Rice, fired up the grill and once again put his masterful grilling skills to work with the assistance of Trustee Rick Simpson. We also had Trustees Tim Smith and Phil Ringenbach making fresh french-fries. Thanks to them and all of our trustees that came to the event and worked together so seamlessly; Robert and Stephanie Neville, Mike Reed, John Ringenbach, Fred Lederer, and Jeff Ferjutz. It is a great honor to work with such a wonderful group of dedicated individuals.

As has become customary, the steak dinner had many pleasant surprises. There was so much good food and deserts to eat, and for that I must thank the members that were thoughtful enough to bring the wonderful goodness that my taste buds enjoyed. After dinner we drew our winners for the raffles. The 50/50 was won by Fred Lederer, the rod and reel combination was won by Jeff Clark, and the Lure board was won by Richard Pfeister. In addition there were quite a few nice baits in the general raffle section and most members took home a prize.

By Sunday afternoon we all assembled for a tally of the final results. We had 38 anglers register for the event and 34 fish caught. The fishing was as good as advertised as Piedmont continues to shine every time we have an event there. It also helps when team Harmon shows up; As they did in this year’s summer contest the father and son team of Chuck and Chad Harmon once again put on a clinic. This time Chuck was able to secure a first place finish with 7 fish caught, while Chad enjoyed a second place finish with his 7 fish caught. They will be presented their trophies at our annual awards banquet in March of 2016. The Big fish for the event was a beautiful 45 incher caught by Matt Clark who was rewarded with a $165 prize for his angling success.

All fish reported are as follows: Chuck Harmon (35.00”, 32.00”, 30.00”, 33.5”, 41.00”, 39.00”, 37.50”)(66.00 Points); Chad Harmon (30.50”, 33.25”, 35.50”, 32.00”, 33.00”, 32.00”, 40.00”)(54.25 Points); Jerry Rice (35.00”, 39.25”, 37.00”)(33.25 Points); Paul Anderson (30.00”, 34.00”, 36.00”)(22.00 Points); Matt Clark (45.00”)(19.00 Points); Phil Ringenbach (44.25”)(18.25 Points); Fred Lederer (37.25”, 30.50”)(15.75 Points); Charles Neville (30.00”, 36.00”)(14.00 Points); Kevin Proffit (38.00”)(12.00 Points); John Ringenbach (38.00”)(12.00 Points); Philip Jarvis (36.50”)(10.50 Points); Rich Daniels (35.00”)(9.00 Points); Greg Starkey (32.00”)(6.00 Points); Chuck Land, Sr. (31.00”)(5.00 Points); George Kokournakis (31.00”)(5.00 Points).

Thank you to everyone that came out to fish and support the club. Without our membership, we don’t exist, and I truly appreciate everyone that shows up at these events. Good luck fishing for the remainder of 2015.

Our 2015 official club events are now completed and we had a great year. The fishing at West Branch for the Minnow Fund Event was good, Alum Creek treated us nicely for the Spring Outing, Leesville was nice to us for the Nite-Bite, and Piedmont shined on us for both the Summer and Fall outings. Our club does support the Hawg Hunt Hoedown at West Branch organized by Mr. Guy Bechter as an unofficial end of season get together. Please consider coming out to fish with us on November 14th.

Matt Clark 2015 OHMC Fall Outing

Chuck Harmon 2015 OHMC Fall Outing 1

Chad Harmon 2015 OHMC Fall Outing 1

Jerry Rice 2015 OHMC Fall Outing 2

Paul Anderson 2015 OHMC Fall Outing

Philip Jarvis 2015 OHMC Fall Outing

Kevin Proffit 2015 OHMC Fall Outing

Rich Daniels 2015 OHMC Fall Outing

Joe McMannes 2015 OHMC Fall Outing

Steak Fry 2015 OHMC Fall Outing

Trustees 2015 OHMC Fall Outing

Buster 2015 OHMC Fall Outing

OHMC & Muskies Inc. Chapter 19 PM Bite Results

The annual OHMC and Muskies Inc. Chapter 19 PM Bite Outing was held at Leesville lake on August 15th, 2015.  We had 31 anglers register and a total of 10 fish caught.

The event started in the AM with a shore lunch at the marina.  Elmer McClure cooked lunch for us and we had plenty of side dishes to choose from as well.  A bait raffle was held and everyone that bought a ticket won a prize.  We also conducted a 50/50 raffle that was won by Tom Johnson.  He kindly donated all of his winnings to the Minnow Fund.

Soon, we hit the water and we had a new member attending his first OHMC event.  Past-President Fred Lederer kindly offered to take our guest out for the day on the water.  This kind of generosity is what sets us apart, and I am thrilled to be affiliated with such a great group of people.

When the dust settled at midnight, a newbie bested all of us to take first place, Congratulations Jim Cole!  I look forward to seeing everyone at Piedmont next month.

1st = Jim Cole (37 & 37 1/2)
2nd = Ray Elkins (44)
3rd = Paul Anderson (41 1/2)

Charlotte Fuchs (38 3/4)
Gloria Roberts (38)
Chuck Land (37 1/4)
Bob Marshall (35)
Seth Ferrell (35)
George Kourkounakis (30)

Thanks to South Fork Marina for hosting the event.

South Fork Marina

Russ and Gloria

Chow time

Tim and Phil

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