60th Anniversary Banquet

Our 60th Anniversary Banquet will be Saturday, June 12, 2021 at the SYB Party Center, 4157 Hudson Drive, Stow, Ohio.  Doors will open at 3:30 pm with our Business Meeting set for 4:00 pm.  The dinner will begin at 6:00 pm with the awards shortly thereafter.   The agenda for the Business Meeting is short, with just the election of officers and the selection of the Summer Contest lake for 2022.  Members also have the opportunity to discuss any other club business on their minds.

We are conducting the Banquet with an eye on the recent Covid announcements from the CDC.  If you are vaccinated, you do not have to wear a mask.  Tables will be set for 6 or 8 people.  We want to provide the opportunity to sit with family members or people of your choice.  Please email ohiohuskiemuskieclub@gmail.com with any seating arrangement you would like.  The dinner will be a buffet, but the caterer will be serving the food and not have each individual plate their own dish.

In addition to the awards, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will be presenting an update on our stocking program.   Each person attending will be receiving a 60th anniversary lure from Xtreme Muskie Lures.

The adult meal is $30 with children 10 and under for $15.  You can register online at:


or register by mail using the following application.  Please register for the Banquet as soon as possible so we can accommodate as best we can the seating requests.


May Madness Results

Wow….two tournaments in the books and two absolutely gorgeous days.  We had 41 anglers start out Saturday with 40 degree temperatures which quickly climbed to 70 degrees with calm breezes and sunny skies.  The shad were set up near the shores early in about 8 to 12 feet of water but as the shallow waters warmed up, they made a movement closer to shore.  Yet, some of the bigger fish were set up on deep structure, starting to eat but also recovering from the spawn.  So what ever pattern you wanted to work, it was probably there.  The deep water fish proved most elusive, with many follows and a couple of large ones lost.  The near shore bite proved the most productive for casters and folks trolling.

The overall event winner with the longest fish was Phil Jarvis, putting a 41 inch fish in the net.  We had two side pools for May Madness, our normal Big Fish pool with a $5 contribution which 14 anglers choose and a Total Points pool with a $35 contribution which 27 anglers selected.  The folks in the Big Fish pool only managed a 28″ muskie by Kevin Proffitt which didn’t qualify for the big fish so the $70 in the pool was donated to the Minnow Fund.

The Total Points pool anglers accounted for a total of 8 fish.  Third Place was taken by Jason Hubert with a 38.75″ caught on a top water.  (Who knew).  Second Place was claimed by Jonathan Kinney with a 40.25″ beauty. First place with two legal fish of 41″ and 39.25″ and a sub was Phil Jarvis.  The $945 pool was divided $567 to the winner, $283.50 to second and $94.50 to third.

Here are the other anglers who caught fish and some great pictures.

Donald Klauss 34″

Troy White 35″

Lon Grant 32.5″



60th Anniversary Celebration and Apparel

Sixty years ago this year, the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club was founded thru the efforts of Merrill Gilfillan and John Pelton, both working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  The Ohio Huskie Muskie Club is one of the oldest muskie clubs in the United States.  We will celebrate our anniversary at our banquet on June 12th at the SYB Party Center in Stow, Ohio.

To begin the celebration, in partnership with the Cleveland Fishing Company, we are offering a selection of apparel commemorating our 60 years.  Included in the offering are Performance Long Sleeve shirts, Sun shirts, Tee shirts, Hoodies and Sun Hoodies.

Cleveland Fishing Company is providing the shirts at a reduced rate with profits being donated to the Minnow Fund to help continue the strong stocking program of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

To order, just visit Cleveland Fishing Company’s site at


The apparel will be available to order beginning Monday, April 19th and will available only thru Sunday April 25th.  This is a one-time opportunity, OHMC will not be carrying the apparel in our merchandise inventory.

May Madness Tournament Saturday, May 15th at Salt Fork

Now that breaking ice is behind us, time to go crazy with some May Madness.  Our next event is Saturday, May 15th at Salt Fork Lake.  The muskies can always be muskies, but we should be putting lures in front of hungry fish fully recovered from the spawn with shad spawning on shoreline cover everywhere.  This event is a big fish event with a $15 entry fee with the winner being the angler who catches the longest fish above 30 inches.  To add some Madness, you can choose from our standard Big Fish Pool with an additional $5 fee or our Total Points Pool with an additional $35 fee.   Both pools will payout 100% of all pool entry fees.  In the case of the Big Fish Pool, winner takes all.  In the case of the Total Points Pool, 1st place is 60%, 2nd place is 30% and 3rd place is 10%.  The Total Points Pool will require pictures on a bump board and of the angler holding the fish and a bunch of rules.  Please read the rules linked below as well as the Total Points Information sheet.  Everyone will launch from the Old Marina Boat launch with tournament hours from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.  The registration for this tournament will be online only and you must be registered by 9 am, Friday, May 14th to participate in the tournament.  Here is the link for registration:


All Total Points Pool anglers must use a bump board measuring device.  If you do not have one, here is a link to Muskie Bumper, they make great boards:


All anglers in a boat must be registered for the tournament and must be signed up for the same pool.  If you are fishing by yourself, it is much easier to take the required pictures for the Total Points Pool if you have a cell phone holder with a suction cup to attached to your boat where needed.  They can be had for less than $15 at Walmart, Target, or similar stores.

May Madness Rules

May Madness Information sheet


IceBreaker Results

What a beautiful day.  Started out seasonably cool but under bright skies and light wind, quickly warmed to the 70 degree range.  Piedmont Lake was in all of its spring glory with great water color throughout and water temperatures in the 53 to 55 degree range.  Plus there was a full moon Saturday night.  A total of 63 anglers came out to test their skills and grab a nice photo with a spring giant.  All that being said, muskies will be muskies.  Apparently the vast majority of muskies in Piedmont were camera shy.  There were a total of 14 muskies caught with the winner of the event being Bernie Klug with a 40.25″ muskie.  Bernie also caught  39″ and 32″ muskies.  Close behind was Rick Thorp with a nice 40″ muskie.  Also catching fish were

Josh Marshall 28″, 29″

Cooper Marshall 39″

Bill Schultz 31.75″

Shane Holcomb 30″

Monty Arnold 38″ and 28″

Leo Soehnlen 30″

Camille Jones 30″

Jason Hutcheson 30″

Here are a few pictures

38″ Monty Arnold

40″ Rick Thorp

Camille Jones 30″

Leo Soehnlen 30″

Jason Hutcheson 30″

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