LungeFest Results

Kudos to Jeff Ferjutz for acting as Tournament Director for this event.  On behalf of the club, Jeff would like to thank everyone who came out to fish, the weather was great for fishing.  The storms they were calling for must have missed Leesville.  This is a throwback tournament, biggest fish wins.  27 anglers registered with 8 fish being caught.  Would like to congratulate Matt Clark who landed a 45″ fish to win the event and Big Fish.  Matt also donated $100 back to the Minnow Fund from the big fish pool.  Thank you Matt.  Hope to see everyone at the Summer Contest at Piedmont on July 21st and July 22nd.  Other successful anglers and the fish caught were:

Rick Simposon  30.5″

Syl Trunkett 32″

Will Shawgo 34″

Will Tolerton 34.5″ and 38″

David White 41.5″

Seige Bostick 36″


2018 Division Day and Spring Outing Results

The 2018 OHMC Division Day was held at Alum Creek Lake on Friday, May 4th. We had vessels of all shapes and sizes depart into the stormy seas after a bit of coffee and donuts. Staff members from the Ohio Division of Natural Resources were being guided for a morning of Muksie fishing by OHMC members. The white-capped chocolate milk made for some very challenging conditions and unfortunately, no fish were caught. As lunchtime approached, there were certainly some interesting attempts to get the boats tied to the curtesy ramps, fortunately, everyone safely moored up. We had some catered food brought in and everyone was able to ‘hold-down’ a meal in the windy conditions. I must offer my most sincere thank you to all of our guides and guests for coming out to brave the harsh conditions. Hopefully next year we can break the 3-year curse of no fish on division day.

Some of us went out to fish for the afternoon and I did manage to connect with a fish which wasn’t too big but was sure nice to hold. Later in the evening, the campground filled in and the stories began to fill the air. There was a new non-sticker boat that was looking to get the skunk off. It is always great to see old friends and new that share the passion of muskie fishing.

Saturday morning, we all hit the water with eager anticipation. The winds had calmed overnight and we were greeted with picturesque weather. Unfortunately, there were no pictures to be taken. The only fish caught was by Treasurer John Ringenbach. We met at the campground for our steak fry and proved that we are a pie-eating club with a fishing problem. I’ve never seen so many pies disappear (I may have contributed to that disappearing act).

On Sunday, the new non-sticker boat got the skunk out. OHMC 2nd VP Rick Simpson helped a young angler when he observed the enormous rod bend that was unmistakably a muskie on a light rod. Rick helped the young angler net the fish, get a couple pics and release a beautiful 49″ fish. That young man will now be a Regular OHMC member and get a free meal at next spring’s banquet.

At the conclusion of the event, Jeff Clark showed us all that he figured out the lake on his first trip to Alum Creek. He turned in two fish to take first place and the big fish cash prize. John Ringenbach finished in second place. Congratulations to our winners who will receive their trophies at our next banquet.

All fish caught: Jeff Clark (32.50″, 33.75″; 14.25 points): John ringenbach (33.00″; 7.00 points)

2018 OHMC Event Dates

Ohio Muskie Show

January 19-21

Makoy Center, Columbus, OH


57th Annual OHMC Awards Banquet

March 3

McCalls Banquet Center, Canton, OH


Muskie Max

March 9-10

Embasy Suites, Pittsburgh International Airport


OHMC Division Day and Spring Outing

May 4-6

Alum Creek Reservoir, Delaware, Oh



Leesville Lungefest

June 9

Leesville Lake, Leesville, Oh



48th Annual OHMC Summer Contest

July 21-22

Piedmont Lake, Piedmont, Oh



6th Annual Minnow Fund Muskie Outing

September 29-30

Salt Fork Lake, Cambridge, Oh



Milton Muskie Munch

October 27

Milton Lake, Lake Milton, Oh

OHMC Fall Outing Results

The 2017 OHMC Fall Outing was held on Saturday, September 30th and Sunday, October 1st.  The festivities started on Thursday as a few anglers showed up early to take advantage of the picture perfect weather.  The temperatures for the weekend never got above 75 degrees and did not dip below 45 degrees.  Mostly sunny skies and very light wind made for what most agreed to be the ideal conditions for camping and fishing.

By Friday evening the campground filled in and everyone greeted one-another with smiles, hugs, and handshakes.  The conversations were jovial and it seemed like we all were just glad to be there.  A few new faces were welcomed into the group.  As always, we made sure to greet new members and make them feel right at home with the club.  Club Treasurer John Ringenbach registered everyone in the campground on Friday evening as he continues his tireless service to the club from which we all benefit.

Early on Saturday morning as some anglers were just taking to the water, OHMC member Kyle Jones was enjoying the type of morning we all dream of having.  By 9:00 AM, he had put 3 huskies in his boat and done a good deed by assisting a nearby kayaker in landing a 46 inch fish which was that angler’s very first muskie.  I know it was an emotional day as it was the anniversary of the passing of a loved one.  I’m also sure that his loved ones would be incredibly proud of the good deed and talent put on display.  The bar had been set high for the event big fish award at 47.5”, but that would not withstand the Sunday charge that was coming.

As we filtered back to the campground Saturday evening to enjoy our steak fry, it was apparent that most of us were without that familiar slime on our nets.  So as usual, we drowned our sorrows in food.  The “roast” sized ribeye steaks were grilled to perfection by OHMC Past-President Fred Lederer and were thoroughly enjoyed by all.  We had plenty of side dishes and some amazing pie that a member brought for us to enjoy.  Surely, nobody was hungry at the conclusion of the meal.

Next, the raffle prizes were drawn by 2nd V.P Rick Simpson, Secretary Stephanie Neville, and Trustee Robert Neville.  The 50/50 in the amount of $106 was split between the club and Fred Lederer who had purchased the winning ticket.  Many baits and miscellaneous items were won during the general prize raffle and most who bought tickets left the event with a prize

Some of us went back out fishing in the darkness on Saturday evening while others opted for an early bedtime – early rise approach.  Phil Jarvis headed out Sunday morning with a bit of disheartenment, but that was about to change.  He had a bite window open up late in the morning for a little over an hour.  That window saw him land five (5) fish including a Personal Best 49” behemoth that was good enough to take the $90 big fish prize.

The final standings were as follows:  Phil Jarvis (1st Place); (49.00”, 41.00”, 39.25”, 37.00”, 30.00”) (66.25 points): Kyle Jones (2nd Place); (47.50”, 46.00”, 43.00”) (58.50 points): Bill Lambert (3rd Place); (41.50”) (15.50 Points): Greg Eischen; (33.00”) (7.00 points): Nick Cox; (32.00”) (6.00 points).  Our winners will receive their trophies at our annual banquet next spring.

Many thanks to everyone that came out to the event and especially those that help conduct the outings.  I look forward to hopefully seeing many of you on the water this fall, the fishing shows this winter, and the banquet next spring.

Phil Jarvis 1

Phil Jarvis 2

Kyle Jones 1

The OHMC & Muskies Inc. Chapter 19 Nite-Bite Outing Results

The 2017 OHMC – M.I. Chapter 19 Nite-Bite was held Friday, August 19th into the morning of August 20th at Leesville Lake.  It was hot a takeoff but cooled quickly after sundown.  This led to very dense fog that created challenges for everyone on the water.  Thankfully, all anglers made it back to the ramp safely.  Unfortunately, the fish did not cooperate very well.  We had 19 anglers sign-up and 4 fish reported as being caught. Thank you to those that came out and especially Jason Chalmers and John Ringenbach for conducting the event.  Bill Shultz took first place with two fish 35.00” and 42.00” for a total of 25.00 points.  Will Tollerton took second place with a 44.00” fish worth 18.00 points.  Chad Harmon finished in third place with a 39.00” Fish for 13.00 points and increased his lead in the overall tournament standings.  Our winners will be presented their trophies at next year’s awards banquet.


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