Minnow Fund Outing Results

What we thought would be a hot bite, turned into a tough bite.  We had 41 anglers attack West Branch from every angle both casting and trolling, conventional gear and fly rods, big Ranger boats and kayaks.  When the “dust” settled Corey Zelinski won the event with 2 fish, a 40″ and 39″ for a total of 27 points.  Just a touch behind also with 2 fish of 41.5″ and 37″ was Jason Chalmers for a total of 26.5 points.  Just behind Jason’s 26.5 points, was Derek Halas who also caught 2 fish of 40″ and 38″ for a total of 26 points.  Derek was one of the fisherman who catches his fish from a kayak.  Justin Knecht was able to net 3 fish of 38″, 33″ and 32.5″.  Russ Roberts caught 2 of 34″ and 40″.  Others catching fish were Mike Mindala 38″, Anna Land 30″, Greg Eischen 35.75″, Kevin LaRoche 38″ and Justin Branham 35″.

We were able to raise over $1,000 for the Minnow Fund through this event, so a big thank you to all who entered and the many who donated extra dollars for the Minnow Fund.

This event concludes our 2021 fishing events.  Our next big event will be our Banquet at the SYB Party Center on February 19, 2022.  Make you plans to be there and watch Corey and Jason accept their Minnow Fund Outing trophies.


Corey holding a beauty