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All dues paying members receive a copy of our newsletter to keep you abreast of what is happening around the State. In addition to, informative articles, tournament results, & upcoming events, the newsletter contains helpful hints to assist you in your pursuit of a muskellunge.

We have 3 one day fishing events each year as well as our 2 day Summer Contest and our 2 day Minnow Fund Outing.  We also have a banquet in the spring of each year.  We also have booths at the Ohio Muskie Show and the Muskie Max.

You have the opportunity to exchange muskie information with fellow anglers, and to meet new fiends who share your interest. The opportunity to exchange ideas theories, tackle, techniques and to gain knowledge about different lakes around the state. Spending time with others who share your enthusiasm for muskie fishing, camping, conservation, and spending time with our families in the great outdoors.

Through trophies, plaques and annual certificates for outstanding catches and achievements. Anglers who report their catches during the season, and qualify for an award, will receive their plaques at the next annual  Awards Banquet. Those not attending the banquet will receive their award by mail. Any trophies earned at our events will also be awarded at the banquet. All certificates can now be printed directly from the (MAL) when the fish is reported.

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Free Membership
A free membership will be awarded to an angler who catches his/her first ever muskie by legal means from Ohio waters, reports this muskie catch to the Ohio Division of Wildlife using the Muskie Angler Log (MAL), applies for the free membership below, and then returns to the MAL to check the box as “Member of OHMC” and puts their assigned member ID into the MAL. If the reported muskie is less than 42 inches, the angler is eligible for a Free Honorable Mention Membership. If the reported muskie is 42 inches or longer, then the angler is eligible for a Free Regular Membership. Anglers must apply for the free membership during the year in which the qualifying fish was caught and reported. All muskie catches, regardless of fish length, must be reported in the Muskie Angler Log (MAL) to qualify for any awards or free membership.

To complete your Free Membership request, you must submit a Membership Application directly to the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, Inc. Once it has been confirmed that your catch has been reported within the Muskie Angler Log, we will mail you your free membership ID card with your member number, and some information on the club. When you receive your unique member ID number, go back to the Muskie Angler Log site, edit your profile and add in the member ID number to your profile. Also make sure you select the switch for “member of OHMC”. It takes a little bit of work on your part, but now you have fully registered with the ODNR’s Muskie Angler Log and OHMC. Remember all of our annual awards are taken directly from the M.A.L. at the end of the year. If you need help, give one of the Trustees a call and we will be glad to walk you through the process, step by step. A FREE membership is considered Honorary if your catch is under 42″ and then changed to Regular status after you catch a 42″ or larger muskie in Ohio. Your membership is automatically established as Regular if your first catch is 42″ or larger. Upon catching your FIRST MUSKIE 42″ OR LARGER, regardless if it is your first muskie caught in Ohio, you will receive (1) one free dinner at the awards banquet. Note: this is a one time offer to get a free meal at the awards banquet.

Please understand that a free membership into the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club is for the remainder of the calendar year, starting upon submission of your catch data on the M.A.L. (free memberships expire on December 31 of the current calendar year). If you wish to continue to receive Club benefits and Club mailings, you must renew your membership thereafter. Annual dues are $15.00 per person or $25.00 for a family membership a year. Family membership is considered husband/wife and all children under 16 years of age.  Free memberships are for an individual, not a family. Normal dues renewal may be paid anytime after January first. A renewal form will be sent with the banquet newsletter along with you awards banquet reservation form for convenience, and as a reminder. Yours renewal dues should be paid prior to the first fishing event to be fully eligible for your annual awards.

Honorable Mention Membership
An Honorable Mention Membership is achieved by paying annual membership dues (regardless of whether you have ever caught a muskie). Your membership will remain “Honorary” until you have caught a muskie by legal means from Ohio waters, measuring 42 inches or more in total length, whether it be harvested or released. The muskie catch must be reported in the Muskie Angler Log (MAL). To complete your Honorable Mention Membership request, you must complete and send in an Honorable Mention Membership Application and associated fees (see Membership Application for details) directly to the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, Inc., follow the link below. An Honorary Membership fee is $15.00 a year. An Honorary Family Membership fee is $25.00 a year.

Regular Membership
A Regular Membership is achieved by: 1) paying annual membership dues and 2) having caught a muskie by legal means from Ohio waters, measuring 42 inches or longer in total length, whether it be harvested or released. The muskie catch must be reported in the Muskie Angler Log (MAL). Your membership in the club will remain as “Regular” as long as annual membership dues are paid. To complete your Regular Membership request, you must complete and send in a Regular Membership Application and associated fees (see Membership Application for details) directly to the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, Inc., follow the link below.
A Regular Membership fee is $15.00 a year.
A Regular Family Membership fee is $25.00 a year.
Life Membership
The Life Membership is achieved by paying a one-time membership fee of $250. This membership may also be awarded by OHMC’s Board of Trustees to an individual who has shown an outstanding dedication to Ohio’s muskie fishery. This person must be an example to all other muskie anglers, and make considerable contributions to Ohio muskie fishing to be considered for this prestigious honor! To complete your Life Membership application, you must complete and send in a Life Membership Application and $250 directly to the Ohio Huskie Muskie, Inc., which can be done either online or thru the mail in application at the top of this post.


Ohio Huskie Muskie Club

Seeing an opportunity to expand on the then sparce muskellunge  fishery in Ohio, The Ohio Division of Wildlife first attempted to propagate muskie in 1948. Native brood fish were live trapped from Ohio streams and placed in hatchery ponds at Kincaid Fish Farm, in hopes that natural reproduction would occur. Because of poor success with this project, in 1953 the Ohio Division of Wildlife started an artificial propagation program. Over the next few years with the increased catch of muskellunge from Ohio waters, interest among fishermen grew and the Ohio Division Of Wildlife needed to obtain information on the muskellunge catch and harvest. So in 1961. Merrille C. Gilfillan and John Z. Pelton formed an organization aptly named The Ohio Huskie Muskie Club to officially record all the muskies caught each year. The club has proven to be an excellent vehicle for obtaining statewide information, which is valuable in evaluating fish management activities, and planning for the future of muskie fishing in Ohio.

Over the years OHMC grew and grew with the success in holding club outings and tournaments throughout the state of Ohio. Angler catch rates grew with the success of the stocking program and the return of angler information back to the Division. The size of caught muskies also grew largely due to or commitment to return muskies back to the lake. Current return rates average around 99.6% release.!

In 1994 the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, incorporated to a 501 C3 non- profit organization. Slightly changing our name to The Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, Inc. A sport fishing club dedicated to promoting better muskie fishing in the state of Ohio, by providing the Division of Wildlife with biological information on catch and harvest through out the state. By educating and promoting current and future anglers on Muskie fishing through out the state.

The Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, Inc. is you, your family, neighbors and any other avid muskie angler.

50th Anniversary Results and Photos

The 50th Ohio Huskie Muskie Club’s Annual Awards Banquet

The 50th Ohio Huskie Muskie Clubs Annual Awards Banquet was held on March 19, 2011 at the Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, Ohio. This was our second event at CVL and several people again made comments that this was the best OHMC awards banquet they had ever been to.

From the stone fireplace lobby, the three open courtyards with ponds stocked with some of the biggest bluegills I have ever seen, to the lush banquet room and some of the best food we have ever had.  We had 76 attendees, which was lower than expected, but the price of gas has people sticking closer to home.

After a few words from Fish Management Executive Administrator Ray Petering and his “Top 10 Reasons to Fish for Muskie”, our speaker at the banquet was The Inland Fisheries Program Administrator – Scott Hale. Scott had a great program on the 50 years of  OHMC and the ODNR. Other ODNR attendees were, Fish Management Executive Administrator, Mr. Ray Petering, Fish Management Supervisor District Three Mr. Phil Hillman, and Fish Management Supervisor District Four, Mr. Tim Parrett. Also in the ODNR news, Fish Hatcheries Program Administrator Mr. Elmer Heyob has officially retired effective February 26.

Before the banquet meal started there was a pause for a moment of silence for all the club members whom had passed last year and for those individuals that are in the military and may be away from their families by President, Fred Lederer, then we took a moment for a blessing of the meal by one of the club members Mary Jill Harshey.

The food was excellent with Marinated Pork Tenderloin this year as a plated meal.. We all had a great time and lots of fun with the fish stories that were being told. Special thanks to all of those whom helped at the registration, and raffle tables, Club Members  Neil O’Brien, Jeff Ferjutz, Jerry Rice, Paul Anderson, Greg Hastings, George Dickson, Roger Hayes, Vicki Hayes, and Jake Lederer. I hope I didn’t miss anyone!

In the business meeting, members voted on the lake nominations for our 42nd Annual Open Summer Contest in 2012. And the winner is Pymatuning Reservoir in Andover, Ohio, tentatively on July 14th and 15th pending park approval. We are hoping that the fishing will be even better this year and the water will not be so hot.

Most everyone whom attended the banquet received a fishing related door prize. We had rods, tackle boxes, muskie lures, and many more items. A special thanks goes out to Ray McMaster of Muskie Fisherman Specialties, Jimmy Sturznickle of Jimmy’s Bucktails, and Greg Them of Xtreme Musky Lures for setting up a booth at the banquet this year, and also all of the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club supporters who donated door prizes and prizes to raffle at this event. CVL got in on the action and donated a weekend package including accommodations and entrance to their water park. Please patronize these companies as they make our events a success.  The following were supportive of raffle and door prizes. Musky Train lures, Musky Fisherman Specialties, Crane Baits, Gander Mountain-Holland, Tebo Lures, Grim Reaper Lures, Berkley Pure Fishing, Rollie and Helen’s Musky Shop, Buckeye Outdoors, Sledgehammer Lures, Musky Innovations, Ziggie Custom Musky Lures, George Dickson, Tony Grant, Xtreme Muskie Lures,  and Treblemaker Guide Service.

Instead of the normal photo board, we had a large display of club memorabilia set up in which members brought in old photos and club related items celebrating our first 50 years. We also had the banquet room decorated with a lot of old OHMC posters.

We had a special recognition of all the Presidents from years past, in attendance this year. All Previous Presidents were offered a free meal to take part in the celebration and each in attendance was given an OHMC 50th Anniversary pin to commemorate the event.

Our lucky raffle winners at the event were:

The 50/50 raffle at the business meeting was won by Max Reiner of Dublin, Ohio.

The 50/50 raffle drawing at the banquet was won by Suzanne Skunza of Columbus, Ohio.

Both 50-50 winners donated a portion of their winnings to the club

Greg Hastings of Columbus, Ohio, won the 50thAnniversary Awards Banquet Rod built by Max Reiner of Fish Bay Tackle.

George Dickson of Girard, Oh won the guided trip to Vilas County compliments of Tony Grant.

Ron Fisher of Granville, Ohio won the 3 nights at Cave Run donated by Tony Grant

Fred Lederer of Perrysburg, Ohio won the guided tip on Lake St Clair, donated by Mark Kornosky of Treblemaker Guide Service

And Jake Lederer won the pack of energy drinks donated by George Dickson


Ohio Huskie Muskie Club Inc. Annual Banquet Awards Winners, for club member’s recognition of outstanding catches and achievements in the 2010 season.


Our H.E. Pooch Curry Award   (Largest musky by length only) was presented to David Schmidt with a 52.75-inch musky caught at Pymatuning Lake..

The Matthew Smith Memorial awards for juniorswere as follows:

Boy’s Trophy Division, a kept muskie, length plus weight by point system.


Girls Trophy Division, a kept muskie, length plus weight by point system.


Boys Release—Logan Anderson of Bloomingdale, Ohio with a 43.50 inch, caught at Clearfork Lake

Girl’s Release—Rory VanGorder of Delaware, Ohio with a 34.00-inch caught at Alum Creek Reservoir.  

The Royalty Awards    (Junior Anglers not eligible for these awards)

King Trophy Division, a kept muskie, length plus weight by point system.

David Baio with a 48.25 muskie

Queen Trophy Division, a kept muskie, length plus weight by point system.

No winner

King Release—David Schmidt of Ashtabula, Ohio with a 52.75-inch caught at Leesville Lake

Queen Release –Mary Charlotte Fuchs of North Canton, Ohio, a 47.50-inch.

Mr. Muskie Award,

Jeff Ferjutz for his work with OHMC

Woman of the Year Award,

No nominees

Overall Tournament Champion

Gloria Roberts of Norton, Ohio. Gloria caught five muskies with a total of 168 inches in the four club events.

First Ever 50-Inch Award

There were two new names added to the first time 50-inch muskie catch by OHMC members in the state of Ohio for 2010

David Schmidt of Ashtabula, Ohio with a 52.75-inch caught at Leesville Lake

Chuck Land Sr of Willoughby, Ohio with a 50.00-inch caught at Pymatuning Lake

Dr. Dunmire Plaque Awards

There were (25) Dr. L. G. Dunmire Plaque Awards recognized by the club for those anglers whom caught at least three Huskie muskies measuring 42.00-inches in length or longer. The most caught by a club member was David Brown of Dover, Ohio

David Brown 14, Patrick Klingensmith 11, Bob Marshall 11, Dennis Braun 10, Ray Hinchcliff Sr. 9, Matt Foose 8, Greg Bozick 7, Gordon Seldon 7, Paul Anderson 6, Chuck McKnight 6, Ron Murdock 6, Chuck Harmon 5, Kevin LaRoche 5, David Baio 4, Charlotte Fuchs 4, Mary Jill Harshey 4, Geoff Hetrick 4, Chuck Land Sr 4, John Ringenbach 4, Ray Elkins 3,  Fred Lederer 3, Jake Lederer 3, Brian Ripley 3, Charles Wilbert 3, Robert Neville 3


 10 Or More Release Awards

There were (47) Plaques Awards recognized by the club for those anglers whom caught 10 or more muskies 30-inches in length or longer and released all of them. The most caught by a club member was David Brown of Dover, Ohio..

David Brown 108, Chuck McKnight 105, Patrick Klingensmith 91,Ron Murdock 75, Geoff Hetrick 69, Robert Marshall 69, Elmer Heyob 64, Cliff Honeycut 61, Dennis Braun 60, Jack Worline 56, Raymond Hinchcliff Sr 43, Tony Crisp 38, Josh Marshall 38, Randy Parker 38, Greg Bozick 51, Chuck Land Sr 35, Paul Anderson 30, Chuck Harmon 30, Neil O’Brien 30, Greg Hastings 29, Ray Elkins 26, Mary Jill Harshey 26,  William Lambert 23, Gordon Selden 22, John Lent 21, John Ringenbach 21,Bill Schultz Jr 20, Arvel Bradford III 19, Dennis Mitchell 18, Kathy Mitchell 17, Mark Pauling 17, John Savu 17, David Baio 16 , Robert Neville 16, David Nabb 15, Matt Foose 14, Charlotte Fuchs 13, Thomas Leetch 13, Charles Wilbert 13, Kevin LaRoche 12, David Morris 12, John Thompsaon Jr 12, Jim Cook 11, Betty Denney 11, Harold Denney 11, Rob VanGorder 11, Brian Mitchell 10

The Best Fish Story Plaque went to member Mike Cline Jr of S. Euclid Ohio, with a story about a carp stealing his bait.

In addition to everything else, we had a special lure auction comprised of some custom lures made up specifically for the event. Several lure manufacturers donated lures with different variations of 50th anniversary logo and special paint patterns. A VERY special thanks to those vendors who helped to make this a success. Muskie Fisherman Specialties, Ziggie Custom Muskie Lures, RJ’s Muskie Lures, H2O lures, Hellraiser tackle, Greg Hastings, & Xtreme Muskie Lures

The banquet is now history and it is now time to start some actual muskie fishing, Thank you to everyone that attended and to all of those people that helped make the event such a great success.

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